ZhuHang’s IRS 1K Sales Milestone (News & Changes)

Once again, thanks for your support!

Draft No.1:
Changes to existing Z-Edition IRS*
- Sony Ericsson EQ removing from market.
- Sony Ericsson Megabass IRS (Z.E.) can be downloaded free.

- New Z-Edition IRS will be added**
— Android EQ on Nexus 5 (Free)
— THX TruStudio Pro (Free)
— Dolby Home Theater v4 (Free)
— Samsung SoundAlive (Paid)
— Sony Xperia Z2 ClearAudio+ (Update***)

*Effective starting from 1st July 2014.
**No ETA, actual IRS name may vary.
***Unconfirmed decision.

V4A 2326 Update (2325 hotfix)

ViPER4Android had been updated to v2.3.2.6 (hotfix for v2.3.2.5)

1.Bug fix.
2.New LPA detection feature.
3.Improve driver performance.
4.New profile format.
5.USB/Dock effect fully supported.
6.x86(Atom/Core i3/i5/i7) platform fully supported.
7.True octa-core fully supported.
8.Improve audio quality for super audio quality driver.
9.New navigation drawer ui mode.
10.Fix dynamic system.
11.A lot of improvements.
12.Fix profile load and save issue (
13.New app icon, great thanks to YanYangFeiXue.

V4A 2322 Update

ViPER4Android had been updated to v2.3.2.2

This big update now fully supports Android 4.4.2 and provides higher stability and improves driver installation.

1.Code & UI Updates + addon.d script implementation[4.x]. (Thanks to xLaMbChOpSx)
2.Improve driver installation. (Thanks to xLaMbChOpSx)
3.Fix some bugs.
4.Fully support android 4.4.2