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Website itself.

Lead the “Blind” Campaign

We all knew there are so many questions on things already discussed or highlighted in instructions, FAQs, notes and notices, etc. But people just don’t read them no matter how hard I try to make these important information outshine the download link.

Therefore, I need your help!

By doing this, me as well as experienced users don’t have to keep repeating the same thing. And most importantly, our hard work of maintaining and keeping FAQs up-to-date will not be wasted. I (actually only one admin) no longer have my own life. I am busy all the time keeping the web contents updated, but at the same time feeling bad ignoring these questions.

So please cooperate and together we build a more intelligent community.. (Hopefully)

Here’s how….    
Whenever you saw questions already solved in FAQ or Instructions or Last Update Log, whether its in XDA Topic or Facebook page/group, just reply “Read Instructions, FAQ, Last Update Log and Troubleshoot”. The FAQ will be updated when a new question is answered by us. So its always up-to-date and have the best answers.

If their issues are not solved, you can give suggestions if you know something might for work them. If the problem can’t be solved or they remain disturbing, ask them to “Submit Bug Report” and let  me or ViPER520 handle them. There’s no point discussing further.

Here copy this:

"Read Instructions, FAQ, Last Update Log and Troubleshoot"

and this:

"Submit Bug Report"

Thank you very much!

Changes on Channel of Communication

Dear supporters,

Launch of Website and ViPER4Windows
Please take note that ViPER4Windows related problems and comments should not be discussed in this V4A OP.
You guys should post V4W-related comments in our website, problems to support email and ideas to ideas email. More info see Contact Us in website.

XDA not the best channel
It is less likely that we will start a topic for V4W in XDA. In fact, contents from this V4A topic will start reducing because our main channel of communication is via our website. XDA would be updated later. You can always get latest news and updates from our website.

Due to management difficulties, we have to do this. Its difficult to maintain our content in XDA because we do not have a section for our related topics and posts. There are V4A, V4W, IRS and could have even more in the future. XDA is not the right channel for us.

Therefore, please understand and do participate actively in our website 

Other Social Channels
1. Facebook Page
Yes, we also have our Facebook page ( We will post news in FB page, immediately after publishing in website. I need to copy from our website to Facebook. In case our website is down, you can check facebook for updates or vice versa.

2. Facebook Group
Our FB group ( is now mainly used for sharing settings and profiles, chatting, discussing problems. News will be duplicated from Facebook page. So must well visit FB page for updates.

3. QQ International (ViPER’s Audio Global: 61624056)
QQ is the channel for non-Chinese to interact with another huge community of users in China. I know the Chinese keep use mandarin in the chat box. Just demand them to type in English, in the name of zhuhang. They know who am I.

Hereby I wish all of you good luck.

Thank you.

Celebrating Website Ready!

Hello everyone!

Now, our website is ready! You can now register as a subscriber here.

Celebrating the launch of our website, ViPER4Windows also officially released.
Head over to ViPER4Windows page for description and instructions.

You can download all ViPER related contents at downloads page. This includes the V4A, V4W and IRS at the moment.