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ZhuHang’s Impulse Response Samples.

ZhuHang’s IRS 1K Sales Milestone (News & Changes)

Once again, thanks for your support!

Draft No.1:
Changes to existing Z-Edition IRS*
- Sony Ericsson EQ removing from market.
- Sony Ericsson Megabass IRS (Z.E.) can be downloaded free.

- New Z-Edition IRS will be added**
— Android EQ on Nexus 5 (Free)
— THX TruStudio Pro (Free)
— Dolby Home Theater v4 (Free)
— Samsung SoundAlive (Paid)
— Sony Xperia Z2 ClearAudio+ (Update***)

*Effective starting from 1st July 2014.
**No ETA, actual IRS name may vary.
***Unconfirmed decision.

Paid IRS

Paid IRS for Contributors
ViPER’s Audio is a non-funded free project. All software from us are free of charge without ads. They are planned to be free forever without any ads.

So as to repay our efforts, we decided to make paid IRS to financially reward ourselves. 

Therefore, to those who are looking for something in return, instead of donating, consider supporting our paid IRS. In this way, you get something in return. But again, everyone is welcome to donate without anything in return.

Details of paid IRS are posted under individual IRS page once available.

ZhuHang’s Z-Edition IRS
At the moment, there is only ZhuHang’s Z-Edition IRS. Z-Edition is a series of quality prioritised IRS. It offers high audio standards and is highly recommended by ViPER’s Audio.

More information on Z-Edition IRS visit here.

IRS Announcement

ZhuHang’s IRS Announcement – 12th November 2013

Dear all,
My past release of impulse response sample(IRS) or now known as the previous generation IRS is discontinued. All my previous release of free and paid IRS are no longer available for download. All paid IRS are kept with the buyers themselves.

               My future release of IRS will be known as new generation IRS. The new generation IRS includes new effects as well as the remaking of all previous generation IRS.

To donors:
Thanks for your kindness. Initially, I wished to make a gift too for the donors but in the end I called off the idea because I don’t want to make donation complicated. Therefore, people who wished to donate to me and get something in return, instead of donating, you can consider supporting my IRS, so at least I can repay you with something.

To past buyers:
To be honest, I’m not good at decision-making so I take longer time to decide. I always try to make the best decision which everyone is happy with, but I realise it is very difficult. Hence, bringing past events to an end enables me to make better decisions and plans in the future.

               Hereby I put my previous generation IRS to an end, separating the previous IRS and the new ones. I cannot promise any future plans because I cannot estimate the future. So, please do not expect updates to the previous paid IRS. Besides, it is uneasy to plan when I have to concern on the benefits of all past buyers. I hope you can understand and I sincerely apologise to all of you on this.

               To show my apologies, I have prepared a special gift, IRS Appreciation Pack as an appreciation of your support. This gift is specially made and only intended for anyone who purchased any of my previous paid IRS. It is not for sale and will not be released to public. The content of this gift will not be revealed but one thing is for sure, they are not any of the new generation IRS. Once again, thank you all for supporting my previous IRS.

               To claim the IRS Appreciation Pack, please state the email you used to pay for the IRS and send a mail to this new email address: Please do not email to my personal email address, they will not be entertained. Kindly wait patiently for my response because I’m busy with my studies.

Yours sincerely,
Jasper Loo (zhuhang)