V4A Update In Progress

The next update of ViPER4Android is under development. This update focuses on system optimization.

Driver Optimization
Single core devices can now use Super Audio Quality driver mode. V4A uses ~30% of CPU to enable all in-app effects. Whereas for dual core processors or above, V4A only uses ~10% of CPU to run all effects at once.

Battery Consumption
These are a few important things to take note.

We found the reason why V4A runs continuously in background even when no music is playing. It is caused by touch sounds and screen lock/unlock sounds. These sounds will trigger the audio driver. Therefore, users are suggested to switch them off for up to 4 times longer battery life.

Of course notification alerts and ringtones are also affecting the activity of V4A in background, but it’s less likely we suggest users to switch that off too. (Yes, it means if you turn these off, you save even more battery)

ViPER’s Audio

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