V4A 2322 Update

ViPER4Android had been updated to v2.3.2.2

This big update now fully supports Android 4.4.2 and provides higher stability and improves driver installation.

1.Code & UI Updates + addon.d script implementation[4.x]. (Thanks to xLaMbChOpSx)
2.Improve driver installation. (Thanks to xLaMbChOpSx)
3.Fix some bugs.
4.Fully support android 4.4.2


4 thoughts on “V4A 2322 Update

  1. Does viper 4 Android damage the hardware? I installed it on Samsung galaxy s2 Android 4.0.1 and performed excellently at first. After a few months the bass began to break. The phone has been hard formatted but the bass still breaks. I fear that the hardware may have yielded in some way to viper ‘s radical settings. Are my fears justified?

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