V4A 2326 Update (2325 hotfix)

ViPER4Android had been updated to v2.3.2.6 (hotfix for v2.3.2.5)

1.Bug fix.
2.New LPA detection feature.
3.Improve driver performance.
4.New profile format.
5.USB/Dock effect fully supported.
6.x86(Atom/Core i3/i5/i7) platform fully supported.
7.True octa-core fully supported.
8.Improve audio quality for super audio quality driver.
9.New navigation drawer ui mode.
10.Fix dynamic system.
11.A lot of improvements.
12.Fix profile load and save issue (
13.New app icon, great thanks to YanYangFeiXue.

2 thoughts on “V4A 2326 Update (2325 hotfix)

  1. hi guys . i tried your mod and i love it on my nexus 5 . the sound is much more crisp and tha bass is amaizing . i only have a problem . i created 2 profiles one for speaker audio only and one for the headset(i have the quadbeat 2 in ear hedphones) . now in stereo it works fine the audio is great . however when i select headset mode i can still hear the music coming out of the speaker . i tried everything but nothing works. even did as u guys wrote on your instructions about normal and compatible mode but still nothing . please tell me how to get rid of this problem . i also tried disinstalling and reinstalling vipermod again but still the problem remaind even with your audio mod removed from my nexus 5 . thanks in advance

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