19 thoughts on “V4A Progress:

  1. Please use the busybox binary which you used in version of v4a. Else incorporate the binaries in v4a itself. Last two versions of v4a have driver installation loop in many devices. I tried installing v4a manually and tried by re-installed busybox but all ended in vain. But in the same device previous versions can be installed and are working perfectly. So please look at this issue.

    1. Also Sony MDR-ZX750DC Wireless Bluetooth headphones. I just got a pair as a gift they are seriously pimpin’. Especially when I use V4A. ViPER-DDC would make it even better though ;) you guys are awesome thanks so much for all your hard work!

  2. Thanks for the great app dev..but i’m hoping and asking can you lessen the background static noise it only persist when V4A is activated…pls improve stability and options+improving driver for arm and x86 architecture.

  3. Driver not install because busybox not work or i am not have fully rooted device!?
    I have Samsung note 3 and it’s rooted and have busybox.
    Please make it work !!!.
    I love Viper4Android too much,because they are best audio mod in the world.Thank you.

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