Celebrating Website Ready!

Hello everyone!

Now, our website is ready! You can now register as a subscriber here.

Celebrating the launch of our website, ViPER4Windows also officially released.
Head over to ViPER4Windows page for description and instructions.

You can download all ViPER related contents at downloads page. This includes the V4A, V4W and IRS at the moment.


11 thoughts on “Celebrating Website Ready!

  1. Congrats! I like layout and simplicity of it. I’m using Chrome mobile browser right now and no problems whatsoever. ViPER4Android rules. Hopefully Viper4Windows is great as well. Thank you for continually improving your products and for great support on developers forums.

  2. You guys rock! Ever since the day I found out about Viper, I never looked back.
    Thank you so much!

    If you ever need any articles/reviews/write-ups, please let me know. I’d be honored to write about Viper!


  3. I cant get any sound difference yet – i tried all the troubleshooting ideas listed and still no luck – i notice no sound difference when turning V4W on or off or when moving all sliders in the equalizer up – ive tried with movies using VLC player and also with music using WMP and WINAMP – im not sure what i am doing wrong ?? any help would be awesome – this mod on my phone is incredible and would love to be able to get the same results on my PC -

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