Bug Report

Bug Report
1. Send an email to china_viper@163.com
2. Please include the following details base on application:

- Title: [BUG] V4A
– Android OS: (android version)
– V4A version: (v2.3.0.1)
– V4A Installation: (As user app / system app)
– Device model: (Brand + model)
– Device processor: (Chipset name, number of cores, processing speed, governor)
– Device ROM: (Stock or state your custom ROM base. eg: CM, MIUI, AOSP etc with ROM names)
– Problem/Issues: (Clear observation)
– Attachments: (Logcat, screenshot etc)

- Title: [BUG] V4W
– Windows OS: (Windows version + 32/64 bit)
– V4W version: (v1.0.5 + 32/64bit)
– Processor: (eg: 3rd gen Intel Core i5-3317U 1.7GHz)
– APO Coexist settings: (On/off)
– Problem/Issues: (Clear observation)
– Attachments: (Screenshot etc)

20 thoughts on “Bug Report

  1. Please please please tell me how to get any version later than working. always saying to install/update drivers when opening app no matter how many times I do. When trying is shows driver for under driver status. When attempting it doesn’t show any driver, rather shows “install driver” under menu.

    Device: T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3
    Rom: My Rom
    Kernel: Sabre Red 5.2

    I have uninstalled driver many times. Is there another way to try to clean it out.
    It is odd that when I try installing drivers for and that it won’t take and keeps prompting me to install/update driver.

    1. I’m Having the same exact problem .

      Device – Sprint Galaxy S3
      Rom – D2LTE/D2SPR][16.07>>SOKP-SS-01-KK444-KTU84P][SOKP》
      Kernel – KT747 AOSP KK 7-11-2014

      Help Please

  2. driver not working on reboot V4A
    Android 4.4.1
    V4A version: (v2.3.1.5)
    V4A Installation: (As user app / system app) tried both
    Nexus 5
    – Device ROM: (Stock)

    V4A Driver stops working after rebooting the device, the only way to get it working again is to change V4A from user app to system app, but after a reboot driver stops working again.

    tried reinstalling from scratch with no luck.
    was working fine on 4.4

  3. OS: Window 7 Ultimate 64 bit

    V4W: v1.0.5 Official

    Processor: 4th Gen Haswell i7 4770K

    Sound Card: Asus Xonar D2X

    APO Coexist settings (What is this?)

    Issue: Had it installed on Window 7 64 bit and it does work. Checked everything on the configuration and still no luck.

    My Asus Xonar D2X is running on custom driver(becoz official driver have too many bug).

    But I noticed that my sound card have ASIO feature and I’m running Foobar2000 for my audio playback, I dont think it will have ASIO running… I think…


  4. I met the buf of not working on LG Optimus GK. Please help!

    – Android OS: 4.1.2
    – V4A version: v2.3.2.0
    – V4A Installation: Both As user app and system app)
    – Device model: LG Optimus GK world
    – Device processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 600, 1.7GHz Quad-Cor
    – Device ROM: Cook rom bases on stock (stock kernel)
    – Problem/Issues: Its totally not working on rom which bases on stock but works on AOSP rom (CM11), I also tried troubleshooting but it didn’t help. I perfer stock rom and it will be more perfect if you make it work on this. Thank you!

      1. Been trying to use poweramp with viper but can’t get it to work. The only other music play that i have gotten to work is Google play music.

        What music players does this work for?

  5. hello viper…i need a help . when i enable viper on my device ,,my device becomes slow. i mean,, when i enable viper, customize its settings,,and all effects are working perfectly..with Walkman/poweramp/jetaudio plus. but all on a sudden,,,i noticed that ,,my menu/app drawer getting slow and when i browse through operamini/browser,, the scrolling speed becomes laggy..but when i disable Viper,,all r ok.. ! what can be the reason ? i choosed ” High Audio quality ” while installing viper and the version of viper was ,,,i m on android 4.2.1 ,,my device is xolo q800 x-edition (chipset > mediatek MT6589 ,processor 1.2Ghz quad core. ) please,,,please,,,help me…ofcourse i have no choice without viper….!

  6. itle: [BUG] V4A
    – Android OS: 4.4.2
    – V4A version: v2.3.2.2
    – V4A Installation:As user app
    – Device model: Google LG Nexus 4
    – Device processor: (Chipset name, number of cor, default, default)
    – Device ROM: (Paranoid Android beta4 mako)
    – Problem/Issues: (Phone signal drops after 10 minutes continuous talk)
    – Attachments: None

    i have nexus 4 with paranoid android kitkat 4.4.2. After installing the viper4android.. all my incoming calls disconnect automatically after 10 minutes of talk time. whenever i check the whole cellphone signal disappears. when i uninstall viper4android it works fine again. so wondering if its your bug or its intentional. can it be fixed. or am i doing something wrong.
    btw: i love viper4android changes the sound effect to amazing, one of the reasons i really want it. and this v4a is sole reason i rooted my phone in first place. please can you take a look in that issue. hope there are others who also having same problem

  7. Title: Stopped Working
    – Android OS: 4.4.2
    – V4A version: (v2.3.2.2)
    – V4A Installation: system app
    – Device model: Nexus 5
    – Device processor: 2.3MHZ 2GB RAM
    – Device ROM: Carbon ROM / CM11
    – Problem/Issues: Worked on CM like a charm, did a Nandroid Backup and switched to Carbon, restored V4A/PowerAmp from Nandroid Backup and worked 100%, update nightly carbon version and stopped working with poweraamp evrything works well

  8. Title: App doesn’t start
    -Android OS: 4.4.2
    -V4A version: 2326/2322/2320(tried all of them)
    – V4A Installation: system app
    – Device model: Nexus 5
    – Device processor: 2.3MHZ
    – Device ROM: Stock
    – Problem/Issues: When i to launch the app after install screen just flashes anp app doesn’t start. But in settings>music>sound is the choice of viper4android

  9. - Title: [BUG] V4W –
    – Windows OS: (Windows 8.1 Update 1 64 bit)
    – V4W version: (v1.0.5 64bit)
    – Processor: (eg: 3rd gen Intel Core i7-3610QM 2.3GHz)
    – Sound: Realtek HD Audio
    – APO Coexist settings: (off)
    – Problem/Issues: Followed guide, used admin mode, tried Microsoft drivers, reinstalled Realtek drivers, made sure foobar2000/Winamp use correct audio output – nothing.

  10. I am unable to install the drivers in ViPER4Android xperia zq android 5.1.1, the following message appears,
    install failed: The busybox installation found on your device does not work. This usually means you installed a wrong or broken busybox. V4A needs Stericson’s busybox to work. If you are sure you installed the proper busy box, then please confirm your device has been completely rooted. OK

  11. -BUG-
    Android MM,
    Nexus 6 (shamu)
    ROM: PureNexus
    Installed through recovery, system app.
    ARM proc. Quad core. 2.8Ghz. SD 805.
    Problem: I ve succesfully installed v4a on my android phone and there s a big problem. Very big. Every time, after like 5 seconds of content(video/music/anything) the effects go. If I reload the video, it works again, but still for 5 seconds, after that it sounds like stock again. Any fix? Thanks.

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