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Ideas & Suggestion
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  1. Hi Viper’s teams , Pls Don’t mind if my asking doesn’t make sense for you guys ! This is mind and other ubuntu’s users request to support your wonderful audio engine for our Linux !
    Best Wishes for you all


    1. Ohhh , will be great a ViPER4Linux. I am sure that lot of users really want it , including me, there is no software on linux for enhance audio and the alternatives are so much complicated to make. But the Zhuhang response break my heart TT-TT . After a lot of time spended I can now apply effects to linux audio using filters, amplifiers, exciters, modulators, etc, but I don’t have the knowledge to enhance the audio using it. The most wanted featured is the Viper Clarity and the most similar effect I got is using an exciter ( High freq=2kHz) but is not like Clarity. Can you say me how to have a similar Clarity effect using those components or a better exciter Freq for reach it? . A ViPER4Linux is really needed, especially for people like me with very limited knowledge about sound. :(

  2. I am very much missing the Audio Reconstruction option from XHiFi in the FX version. Is it possible that you could include that option in the FX version in the future?

  3. Hi um V4W on Windows 8.1 cant be installed completely because net framework will not install at all can you make it support 3.5 and higher thank you if you reply and are working on the solution for this problem

  4. Hello, my name is Dudu
    I have a big channel in Brazil on technology, called (Dudroid) and would like to take some doubts because I believe in making a video-based module viper!

    1 – The Viper is already enabled to version 5.0?

    2 – The viper will work on all devices up 2.3 androids?

    3 – what is the difference of the viper v2.3.4.0 for xhifi?

    now thank you and look forward answers to show the striking viper to Brazil.

  5. Greetings,
    I am using windows 10 64bit with “realtek HD audio driver” and this works just fine
    It doesnt work with buetooth headphones, even though it was setup for it after proper installation. Viper4windows ONLY seems to work through the headphone jack..

    Perhaps in the “virtualization ” settings, you can add a bluetooth speaker and bluetooth headphones option? That may take care of my problem

    but the WORST thing is that your Audio settings is FAR DIFFERENT from the ANDROID version.. wth ??? in Android.. the sounds very beautiful, but with my headphones plugged in ? not really…
    Well, that was on my computer..

  6. I would really like to have shutouts or widgets for functions. More than anything, I would like a shortcut/widget to activate different effect profiles. I listen to many types of music, and am always listening in my car. It would make it quicker and safer this way.

    Really love the app, you guys built the best audio control app in the world. Makes any speakers speakers sound ok. Makes good speakers sound amazing!

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