V4A Rom Inclusion

Things you need to fulfil
1. Proper credits including ViPER520 and zhuhang.
2. Add a link to ViPER’s Audio Website. (Its obvious that users need so many info here)
3. Please remind users to use “Compatible Mode” if you inserted other sound mods.
4. Attach latest IRS Starter Pack as add-on/optional material for users to start with.
5. Write a mail with basic Rom details to zhuhang.jasper@gmail.com
6. Include the lines below into your message to proof you read this post :

I have read and understood the things I need to fulfil under "Things you need to fulfil" section. I made sure I will carried out the tasks mentioned. Hereby, I ask for your permission to include ViPER4Android app in my rom. Thanks you.

Extra Tips
1. Make it a system app.
2. Copy assets/libv4a_fx/xhifi_xxx.so to /system/lib/soundfx/
Note: xxx can be gb for 2.3.x, ics for 4.0~4.2 or jb for 4.3
3. For android 2.3, done. For android 4.x, continue step 4.
4. Make modification in audio_effect.conf
(1). Under “libraries {“, add:

        v4a_fx {
          path /system/lib/soundfx/libv4a_fx_xxx.so
        v4a_xhifi {
          path /system/lib/soundfx/libv4a_xhifi_xxx.so

(2). Under “effects {“ add:

        v4a_standard_fx {
          library v4a_fx
          uuid 41d3c987-e6cf-11e3-a88a-11aba5d5c51b
        v4a_standard_xhifi {
          library v4a_xhifi
          uuid d92c3a90-3e26-11e2-a25f-0800200c9a66

Thanks for promoting ViPER4Android

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