Step by Step Troubleshoot V4A
Make sure your device is rooted and install latest SuperSU or SuperUser.
Make sure you install correct apk for your android version.

1. Complete Uninstall V4A (driver + app) and reboot.
2. Install V4A as USER app, begin with battery saving mode.
3. Use Normal mode, go to Sound settings>Music effects> and choose V4A(either fx or xhifi).
4. If not working, switch to Compatible mode, go to sound settings>music effects> and select something else besides V4A.
>>>Test again.
5. If not working, return to Normal mode, change sound settings, enable Force-Enable.
>>>Test again.
6. If not working, repeat step 1 to step 5 but as SYSTEM app.
>>>Test again.
7. If nothing works. Disable or remove the default sound effect under MusicFX, then return to Normal Mode.
>>>Last Test.
8. If no help, submit a bug report.

15 thoughts on “Troubleshoot

  1. Please please please tell me how to get any version later than working. always saying to install/update drivers when opening app no matter how many times I do. When trying is shows driver for under driver status. When attempting it doesn’t show any driver, rather shows “install driver” under menu.

    Device: T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3
    Rom: My Rom
    Kernel: Sabre Red 5.2

      1. I have uninstalled driver many times. Is there another way to try to clean it out.
        It is odd that when I try installing drivers for and that it won’t take and keeps prompting me to install/update driver.

        1. It is strange. After I install and try installing drivers, and reboot, it keeps prompting me to install/update again. Even though that is happening, the driver status option will be available and it says
          Again, how do I go to make sure it’s completely out of my phone?

          Another thing I’ve noticed is when I go back to, after installing, there is no prompt to install driver. I might have been going into settings and manually installing unnecessarily. Even though this doesn’t affect could it be affecting newer versions if I’m doing this?

        2. Exactly the same issue. I uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled about 5 times now and under driver status there is nothing. I wonder if it’s the version of the VZW rom which is MJ7 stock rooted.

  2. i have nexus 4 with paranoid android kitkat 4.4.2. After installing the viper4android.. all my incoming calls disconnect automatically after 10 minutes of talk time. whenever i check the whole cellphone signal disappears. when i uninstall viper4android it works fine again. so wondering if its your bug or its intentional. can it be fixed. or am i doing something wrong.
    btw: i love viper4android changes the sound effect to amazing, one of the reasons i really want it. and this v4a is sole reason i rooted my phone in first place. please can you take a look in that issue. hope there are others who also having same problem

  3. Headset setting- master gate setting affects in normal phone speaker.
    I set output gain -10dB in headset and +6dB in phone speaker setting.
    But phone speaker sounds too quietly.

    My phone is LG-G2 (LG-F320K)

  4. Installed and thought this had not worked however once I uninstalled the old versions driver and all the apps and then reinstalled latest version Shazam awesome audio again

    LG G3 International version

  5. I tried all kitkat supported version of viper fx bt all has same problem during driver installation
    fx = says device not rooted
    fx = says not supported with this rom
    fx = says busy box not installed properly or device may not rooted
    i tried this as system app and installed app
    pls help (it works fine with miui 4.7.25 & Stock jelly bean)

    Device: XOLO Q1010i
    Rom: Kitkat stock, Kitkat Deoxed
    Problem : Can not install driver (Rooted & Busy Box installed on my device)

  6. My phone is Lenovo S920 running on android 4.4.2 and then I tried to install viper4a, install the driver and reboot. But unfortunately it won’t work and the viper4a asking for installing the driver again even I already push the viper4a into /system. Many way I tried to install the viper4a but fail and my college said that I need to change SELinux so I change it and nothing happen, it’s same.

    Even I already edit system/etc/audio.effect.conf and also push the lib viper4a into system/lib/soundfx and again nothing change. My phone is already root, busybox ready, SELinux set to permissive and it seem no hope installing viper4a on my phone…

  7. Hello, I was wandering if you could help me out with a little issue.
    I have recently purchased and updated my nexus 9 from 5.02 to 5.1.1
    I have rooted my device successfully and hoped to download and install a running viper4android program from this page for my music.
    Unfortunately, I get the following message after installing the driver, rebooting the device, and opening the program.

    ” In order to use VIPER4ANDROID, you need to install/update the V4A driver.
    The installation procedure will be done automatically.
    Install/update now?”

    This message persists endlessly of the driver needing to be updated/installed.

    Thanks for your time.

  8. Hello, i have a problem with V4A. When i check driver status, the notification show:

    V4A Neon Enabled:No
    Status: Abnormal
    Audio Format: Unsupported
    Processing: No
    Sampling rate: 0

    My phone is Nexus 5 – Marshmallow 6.0.1 – Kernel ElementalX -6.16.


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