ViPER4Android (V4A)
ViPER4Android is ViPER’s Audio driver for Android OS. It is divided into FX and XHiFi versions. 

ViPER4Android FX
FX is the main control panel of ViPER’s Audio with all popular ViPER’s Audio settings. Status: Officially Released + Development On-Going

ViPER4Android XHiFi
XHiFi has less settings compare to FX. It  has superior audio reconstruction which mainly used for restoring lossy audio quality.
Status: Officially Released + Development Stopped

16 thoughts on “ViPER4Android

  1. i ve just say “wow” after testing this app

    i tried dsp manager from cyanogenmod (not bad but don t work on any applies)

    and noozexoid (good but the sound banwitch of the equalizer is very limited and disapear on the latest update)

    your appli give an incredible sound without distortion and teh limiter don t give peak sound on the begin of play like dsp and nooz.

    definitively the best dsp at this time.

    sorry for the double post but i put it in the windows section.

  2. Why sometimes it is not working perfectly, I mean:
    Playing songs with pausing and pausing after screen off, while screen on it is playing without pausing.
    But when sometimes installing, it is working without any pausing.
    Any solution ?

  3. I have no words to describe how greatful I am for your program.
    I’ve recently bought ZOPO ZP980+, which is a pretty good phone, but as a music maniac, I found the playback just horrible. Its not worth listening to.
    Your program did fix the problem unexpectingly well. I thought the problem was a hardware one, but no, its not. Those drivers of yours just made the phone as good as, if not better than SGS4.
    I’ve been calibrating the sound at least 2 hours, comparing it to different headphones and phones. There are so many options to chose from… it takes some time till you calibrate it, but once done, you can enjoy perfect sound quality for years.
    Kudos for the project guys. Its one of those, which I just cant resist to write a good comment.

  4. I am a huge audio fan and downloaded V4A at friend’s suggestion on I listen to music using spotify on a samsung S4 galaxy using Shure’s incredible SE846s (1000.00 earbuds). I could write and try to describe what V4A does for music listening but it would be inadequate. It simply has to be heard. But I will say this much – I thought the 846s were amazingly unbelievable before Viper, but now…..well, its beyond description. 6-10 hours a day listening to music on the 846s for months now and the wow factor hasn’t ebbed even a bit. Probably never will. The difference V4A makes is night and day and I am not alone in that assessment on head-fi.og. I will be writing an in depth article on a website i am creating dedicated to listening to the 846s. The site is not yet available to the public but anyone wishing to have access to it once it is officially up and running can let me know by sending a request to

    To the developers – I am a retired 30 year programming/SW engineer veteran and i must say that you guys have my utmost gratitude and respect. What you have done is incredible. I have never heard music like I do now. I doubt many people have. Thank you.

  5. How can I get viper4andriod on my rooted nexus 7 running lollipop 5.0 I lobe viper but I want it on my tablet for my car pls help sorry bout the grammer typing fast

  6. Hello, I was wandering if you could help me out with a little issue.
    I have recently purchased and updated my nexus 9 from 5.02 to 5.1.1
    I have rooted my device successfully and hoped to download and install a running viper4android program from this page for my music. Unfortunately, I get the following message after installing the driver, rebooting the device, and opening the program.
    ” In order to use VIPER4ANDROID, you need to install/update the V4A driver.
    The installation procedure will be done automatically.
    Install/update now?”

    Thanks for your time.

  7. I loved this app on the S4. Now that I had to change phone I took the Blu Pure Xl. It has Android 5.1 and is rooted but Viper doesn t work (tried the latest version). It asks me to install drivers, I say yes then I doesn t ask me lod mid high level driver, It pretend to install, then after the reboot: status abnormal and nothing. normal / compatible ways, none of them work. Any suggestion please? Thx in advance.

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