Frequently Asked Questions
Updated on October 22, 2013

HOT: Why some settings are missing?
A: Because you didn’t read update log.

HOT: Why cannot switch driver mode? (battery saving or high quality)
A: Only CPU with NEON have choices. To change, uninstall and reinstall.

HOT: Why no effect?
A: Visit Troubleshoot page.

1. Which to install? FX or XHiFi or Both?
A: The difference is explained in V4A main page. Install FX first. XHiFi is optional.

2. Where is the build.prop lines in instructions?
A: This step is optional. Those lines are not in every device. You can skip this.

3. Can I still install V4A if I already using other sound mods?
A: Yes, after installation, open V4A app and switch to Compatible Mode.

4. Why installation fail?
A: Root or SU binary issues. Use latest SuperSU.

5. Why is superuser not supported?
A: V4A does support superuser. Some superuser version have bugs, please use a stable version of it.

6. Why music lag after display off?
A: This is due to CPU speed too low when screen if off. Make sure you are not using some battery saving CPU governor.
Switch CPU governor to ondemand/interactive to increase CPU speed or increase minimum clock speed.

7. Where is minimal phase equalizer?
A: FIR Equalizer is the name of our EQ, minimal phase is a type of EQ. Its activated for High Quality Mode and Super Audio Quality drivers.

8. Why does the effect keeps on skipping/cutting (on off on off spontaneously)?
A: Submit bug report.

9. Why no effect on Third-party players such as Poweramp and TTPOD?
A: Disable their own sound effects.

10. Why no effect in MIUI player?
A: Try turn off MIUI default equalizer.

11. Im using Meizu, Flyme system, why effect gone after i display lyrics?
A: Flyme modified Android’s Audio principle, so lyrics will be treated as music effect by the music player, so V4A cant be used.

12. V4A FX/XHiFi effects suddenly disappeared?
A: Android system kills certain processes due to memory limits. Install V4A app as system app (Put in /system/app/ and restart)

13. Why there is background noise when using V4A effects?
A: This is Android’s MusicFX bug, this will happen on all other sound mods.
Suggestion: Backup and Delete /system/lib/soundfx/libbundlewrapper.so

14. Why bass reduced in v2.3.x?
A: Due to sound improvement, audio effects are more precise than before. Therefore, re-adjust your settings.

15. Why is volume reduced in v2.3.x?
A: Volume controlled to reduce noise level. (THIS does not mean you can reduce noise by lowering volume xD)

16. Why is there more CPU/Battery load in v2.3.x?
A: Quality improved for NEON devices. For now you cannot change to battery saving priority.

17. Why ViPER4Android FX/XHiFi always FC?
A: Uninstall and Reinstall V4A. If not submit bug.

18. Why ViPER4Android FX/XHiFi creates unexpected effects and different from other users?
A: Use Normal Mode and disable other sound mods such as Noozxoide. If not, reinstall.

19. ViPER4Android FX/XHiFi doesnt run after reboot?
A: Check anti-virus or any startup manager whether V4A is disabled on startup.

20. V4A FX/XHiFi effect gone after using data-killer?
A: Please add ViPER4Android FX/XHiFi to data-killer whitelist or exception.

21. V4A XHiFi effects gone after reaching certain volume? (~70%)
A: This is due to Sony Xperia hearing protection library.
Suggestion: Backup and Delete /system/lib/soundfx/libhearingprotection.so

22. Why volume reduces after 10 seconds?
A: This is not caused by V4A. Most probably you installed a bad and faulty xLOUD, ClearPhase or S-Force Front Surround port.

23. In-call volume reduced?
A: V4A will not affect call volume.

24. What if my phone/tablet cannot detect headset plugin?
A: Use lock effect mode and choose headset.

25. V4A effects will spoil internal speaker/headset?
A: Firstly, there’s an audiophile limit in your phone, even if you max every single settings in V4A, u will never achive that limit.
If the limit is achieved, your ears will blown off before the headset.
If your earphone is not used to high volume/bass, with long period of high volume/bass will cause your headset to spoil (without V4A it will also spoil)
For speaker, if a new phone straight away max the volume, within few days there will be distortion. Start off with 50~70% volume and after some time only max the volume.

8 thoughts on “F.A.Q.

  1. i have nexus 4 with paranoid android kitkat 4.4.2. After installing the viper4android.. all my incoming calls disconnect automatically after 10 minutes of talk time. whenever i check the whole cellphone signal disappears. when i uninstall viper4android it works fine again. so wondering if its your bug or its intentional. can it be fixed. or am i doing something wrong.
    btw: i love viper4android changes the sound effect to amazing, one of the reasons i really want it. and this v4a is sole reason i rooted my phone in first place. please can you take a look in that issue. hope there are others who also having same problem

  2. I really love this app-the music quality is now on the HiFi system level on any device I use it with. I have one question, though. I have a faulty sd card, which unmounts and remounts randomly, which empties the whole android media library. It stabilizes in a few days’ time, but in that time, I can’t use Google Play Music(or any media library dependent app) and thus can’t listen to the awesome sound your app makes. In that time, I use ES File Explorer to play my music. I want to ask you, if you maybe know how to enable your app in applications, that don’t use any equalizer software(like ES File Explorer) or at least don’t give any choice as to which to use. Or, even better-do you maybe know how to enable your app for ALL the sounds that the device produces(I’d be really thankful if you could help)?

  3. Hi,
    I have install viper 4 android in my redmi 1s. after installing drivers of battery saver and reboot…In driver status, abnormal, Not supported , No , no so on..these messages are shown.


  4. I can’t use Viper4Android on my redmi 1s (mokee mk51.1 lollipop). After I install the driver and reboot the driver status is “Enable: No; Status: Abnormal; Audio Format: Unsupported, etc”.

  5. Hello, i have a problem with V4A. When i check driver status, the notification show:

    V4A Neon Enabled:No
    Status: Abnormal
    Audio Format: Unsupported
    Processing: No
    Sampling rate: 0

    My phone is Nexus 5 – Marshmallow 6.0.1 – Kernel ElementalX -6.16.


  6. My mobile is Samsung Galaxy A7 (A700FD). I have installed Stericson’s Busybox. But I am not able to install the driver. I want increase the sound output of the speaker. Please help.

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