ViPER4Android FX
FX is the main control panel of ViPER’s Audio with all popular ViPER’s Audio settings. [Development of FX is on-going.]

VersionFX version
Codename: Beautiful
Compiled date: September 1,2016  – Official Release
Operating environmentAndroid 2.3 / 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 / 4.4 / 5.0 / 6.0 / 7.0
CPU platforms: ARM (ARM11 or higher), x86(Atom/i3/i5/i7)
Language: English (US) / Simp. Chinese / Trad. Chinese / more

Key Features
 NEW: FET Compressor 
New compressor / limiter simulating operation of FET circuits.

 NEW: Quad-Channel Convolver
IRS support extends to 4-channels. *Requires special IRS files*

Richer and warmer sound by simulating the sound signature of pure class A amplifier. *v2.4.x and above*

 ViPER-DDC (Now customizable!)  
Viper4Android effect: ViPER DDC.

 Spectrum Extension 
Viper4Android effect: Spectrum Extension.

 x86 Platform Support 
Viper4Android supports x86 (Atom/Core i3/i5/i7) platforms.

 True Octa-Core Support 
ViPER4Android supports true octa-core as well as single, dual and quad core devices.

 USB/Dock effect Support 
ViPER4Android supports USB/Dock audio output.

 Full Android 4.4 Support 
ViPER4Android supports Android 2.3 Ginger bread, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich,
4.1 ~ 4.3 Jelly bean and 4.4 KitKat firmwares.

 Speaker Optimization 
First effect for speakers. Try it yourself.

 Channel Pan 
Controls left/right channel output. Its not very useful unless your headphone is faulty or your ears are imbalance on one side.

 Differential Surround / Haas Effect 
This is an old feature which ViPER520 had removed from FX in early days.
But after many users requesting it, ViPER520 bring it back to FX
More info on Haas Effect: http://www.mixcoach.com/creating-dep…haas-effect-2/

 ViPER Fidelity Control 
- ViPER Bass -
With different bass modes, you can have greater bass experience than before!
- ViPER Clarity -
With the latest Clarity mode selection, you can balance up heavy bass with high clarity audio that you can never imagine before!

 Headphone Surround+ (VHS+) 
With this VHS+, V4A produces great surround sound for Android. Different levels of VHS+ gives you different experience of virtual surround.

 Auditory System Protection (Cure Tech+) 
With normal audio system, listening for more than three hours will feel fatigue, dizzy, tinnitus, irritated and other symptoms.
This is a normal phenomena due to heavy bass and high volume causing permanent damage to the human auditory system.
We as an audio experience professional will not ignore this problem. Therefore, we put a lot of effort in the study on how to make a “Healing” sound technology.

We are the first to bring convolution feature into a smartphone. When an Impulse Response Sample(IRS) is loaded, V4A will process the sound to show the same characteristics of the loaded sample. Through convolution, samples with effects such as equalizer, surround, reverberation, headphone correction tube etc can be loaded. Popular audio effects can be simulated using IRS too.

 FX Compatible Mode (Only in 4.x) 
Compatible Mode makes V4A working in line with the system’s sound effect. A large variety of music players with in-app sound enhancements are supported and runs simultaneously with V4A.

29 thoughts on “FX

  1. I installed V4A and driver on GS4 i9500 . I noticed when using Google Hangouts app, it stopped working. I uninstalled driver and Hangouts app working again. Version was ok with Hangouts.

  2. I have a Galaxy Note i717. The driver keeps stopping and then restarting. It does not matter which ROM I use, it behaves the same way. It will do so if it is a system app or User. I normally have plenty of ram available. Any suggestions on what I can do to stop this?

  3. Somestimes working without lagging while playing.
    But due to some reasons if we install again it, it is very lagging and when screen is off, the playing is very very lagging
    can someone tell me solution..

  4. First of all thank you again for this wonderful sound mod. v4a makes my day great as I’m listening to music a lot!!

    As for my question, Since last 2 versions it seems that the Fir Equalizer stopped working, no matter if I check the box / un-check it, change EQ settings, no difference at all.
    All other features works great.


      1. My mistake, after checking carefully Fir EQ working afrer all.
        However I face different Issue with this version.
        when screen is off I have bad lagging in sound.
        I fixed it by changing governor on the kernel from zzmoove the pegasusq, but on the expense of battery life. Last version did not have that issue


  5. Hello sir,
    I am facing some problems with viper4androidfx_4.x_2322
    Driver installation is perfect (I saw the info in Driver Status option) but the sound output is not good i changed my headphones 3 times but same problem
    My phone is iBall Andi 4b2
    CPU MT6572(1.3 GhzDual-Core ARMv7)
    Android 4.2.2
    Please reply as soon as possible

    P.S. First i had Micromax Bolt A25 (1 GHzSingle core,Android GB) on that phone V4A is working perfectly whats wrong about this new phone
    DEVS Reply ASAP

  6. hi guys i’m having a few problems on my nexus 5 . i installed your mod it was great but as soon as i plug my earphones the audio comes also out of the speaker … it’s a great problem and it still happens with your app disinstalled . that’s a shame cause i love your mod i really do . even though i created 2 profiles on viper audio 1 for speaker and 1 for headphones i still get this problem . i tried everything even followed all your instructions but still nothing works . please someone help me . thanks in advance

    1. That`s because nexus HAS ONLY ONE speaker, not 2, the holes on the right side are there just for looks, speaker is only on the left side…

  7. The latest update does not seem to work for Note 2 T898, after installing the driver for the audio I’ll reboot the phone and start the app again and it tells me to that it needs to install the audio driver again. Anyone else having an issue like so? I’ll have to use version as that version works great.

  8. DEVICE:Samsung Galaxy S III I9300
    I was using viperaudio in cm10.2 stable version. it worked perfectly with superb audio quality. but after flashing resurrection remix v5.1.0 rom i cant get the same quality through viper. sound output is less and distortion occurs at times. please give me a solution..

  9. This app is perfect for me, I have over 1500 songs in my HTC WFS, mainly used with Home theater, Car AUX and Speakerphone. I have now disabled PowerAMP EQ :)

    Few things I have noticed:
    * Not processing for SpritFM Radio (Everything else is working including PowerAMP, MX Player, WhatsApp, Ringtone, Notifications etc.
    * Can’t delete/rename a profile.

    I would like these features:
    * Sepertate profile for each category. The thing is that if someone has multiple external devices then he may need to keep seperate profiles. But the Phone Speaker settings also will be saved on each profile. This will lose the uniqeness in the settings for Phone Speaker.
    * Option to delete/rename profile.

  10. HTC One sv BOOST mobile unlocked/HTCDev, rooted/TWRP & Chainfire’s SuperSU Pro, s-off/rumrunner, stock HTC RUU 4.2.2 JB paired back on bloatware.

    V4A works great! Stock mp3 player, iHeartradio app, my LG HB730 headphones sound so rich now, no need cranking it up. Phones speakers are louder than ever but try to never use them. Bluetooth cube speaker is great! You can feel it vibrating in your hand before setting down. Cannot wait until getting a real nice portable bt speaker. Might even check out the bass cube by HTC.

  11. hey people. i need to ask a question. I have Galaxy S5 G-900FQ, I installed V4A on my phone. it’s working perfectly. but there is oınly one problem and it’s the biggest problem. I can’t run some convolver files but I can’t run most of the files. What is the problem with these files ? Am I do something wrong ?

  12. Viper’s V. , Zenfone 5 [android 5.0 v.] can’t install driver after I updated SU binary last week with error message ; broken busybox.
    I tried to re-install busybox with current and older version, flash rom and re-root but viper’s audio still can’t install. But I don’t update SU binary it can install and work well. Can someone tell me about this problem?

  13. Unfortunately It doesn t work on Blu Pure XL device (android 5.1), rooted (and not, obviously). I m so sad about that, mainly because this device really needs. I ve bought an external usb DAC to improve the fidelity of the sound.

  14. this software is amazing. but whenever i play a video, like watch youtube, it just stop working. i mean the software is still running, but the sound effect gone, even if i close the video. so every time after watch youtube. i have to restart my phone. every time, so please fix this problem, thank you very much

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