Frequently Asked Questions
Updated on January 17, 2014

– When installing V4W, problems about “DLL Registration” error.
1. Ignore first. (Running as admin)
2. C++ 2010 installation pops up, proceed with installation
3. Configurator pops up, check everything (for beginners) and continue.
4. After complete installation, rerun V4W setup. (Run as admin)
5. DLL registration successful.
6. After that, all follow-up installations can be ignored since already went through in step 2 and 3.

– LocalPreset related error
A: Try right-click V4W and in properties, check run as admin and run in compatibility mode.

– ViPER4Windows no effects.(Solution for Realtek sound cards)
A: Driver not supported, so install another driver which is supported. Right now you can try custom drivers over Internet, no promises.

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