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Please connect to the internet when installing V4A. So we can count our users. Thanks.


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For making custom DDCs & Normalizing IRS.
v0.1: Dropbox (Joe)

ViPER4Android FX
Always check latest update log for important notes.
FX version v2.5.0.5 (Android 4.0~7.0)MediaFire (New package name, uninstall previous versions!)

FX version v2.4.0.1 (Android 4.0~6.0)MediaFire
FX version v2.3.4.0 (Android 2.3~5.0)MediaFire
FX version v2.3.3.0 (Android 2.3~4.4)MediaFire
FX version v2.3.2.6 ( hotfix) (Android 2.3~4.4)MediaFire
Note: v2.3.2.6 support x86, true octa-core, USB/Dock effect.
FX version v2.3.2.2 (Android 2.3~4.4)MediaFire
Note: v2.3.2.2 fully support Android 4.4.2 roms.
FX version v2.3.2.0 (Android 2.3~4.3)MediaFire
FX version v2.3.1.5 (Android 2.3~4.3)MediaFire
Note: v2.3.1.5 may not work on all Android 4.3.1 and Android 4.4 roms.
FX version v2.3.1.3 (Android 2.3~4.3)MediaFire
Note: v2.3.1.3 may not work on all Android 4.3.1 and Android 4.4 roms.
FX version v2.3.1.1 (Android 2.3~4.3)MediaFire
Note: v2.3.1.1 onwards can be either USER app or SYSTEM app.
FX version v2.3.0.1 (Android 2.3~4.3)MediaFire
Note: Please install v2.3.0.1 as USER app.
FX version v2.2.1.1-1 (Android 2.3~4.3)MediaFire

ViPER4Android XHiFi (discontinued)
XHiFi version Final v2.1.0.2-1 (Android 2.3~4.3)MediaFire

61 thoughts on “Downloads (12Feb17)

    1. I looked all over for an app to get the volume back on my Galaxy tab 2 10.1 after the 4.2.2 update killed it.
      This is the only one I found that works!
      I can actually watch a movie on my tablet again, from 3 to 5 feet away and still hear it.
      Thanks for this!

  1. Using for both window and samsung s3, absolutly brilliant good work from you, been a audiophile for some time, and this is out of this world, keep up the good work :-)

  2. Ok, I root my Nexus 4 in Stock 4.3 and i Try ALL the ways with Viper’s 4 Android and nothing boost my audio…

    I try Volume+ and Volume+ 2.0 alpha and the same.. Nothing works…

    In fact i think they are lowering the volume instead raise it.

    I try to install viper like a system app and user app… and nothing…

    Please anyone knows something what REALY works to raise the bluetooth stereo phone volume?

    1. I have the same problem, i tried to install with administrator permission and windows 7 compatibility mode and i still having the same problem, nobody of the V4W team answer me. :(

      1. Solved problem with error : LocalPreset.bin access denied

        First, close Viper app in system tray

        1. Find the folder ViPER4Windows in C:\Program Files
        2. right click in the ViPER4Windows folder and go to propierties
        3. find security tab
        4. in group or users name box, edit permission to full access for each user there (system, administrator, users…).
        5. Apply and Close

        Open Viper, modify the config as you like, minimized viper app and the error should go now.

        In my case viper worked perfect, all settings are saved now

    2. change permission of the file you said, and give full control.

      go to viper installation Dir.
      right click on “LocalPreset.bin”
      click on Property
      go to security
      click on “edit”
      click on “user”
      in permission check on “full control”

  3. It worked fine untill i did an OTA Update of my LG G2 (D802) if i wanna hear musik with the LG musik player the driver is not processing. Iam using the ViPER4Android XHiFi. It would be nice if you could get it to work … i like this player more than the poweramp player :)

  4. Hi from Brazil! I’m very impressed with sound quality of V4a and V4w. Congrats! I have a question about V4W: Is possible to control sound effects using API or another way than V4W’s control panel?
    I have a HTPC with XBMC, that doesn’t have an equalizer or any kind of DSP. So I’d like to create a screen in my XBMC to control sound effects. Is it possible?

    Thank you guys!

  5. Theres a problem with V4W. Everytime I apply settings and go to minimize or close I get an error “unable to access localsettings.bin” or something similar, and the program completely forgets the settings I set when I open it again. Me and my friends all have this problem: OS: Win7SP1 X64 & Win8.1 Pro X64 & Win8.1 X64

  6. Hi. GREAT THANKS for the works you have done. This thing is FABULOUS. This is the only reason for me to root my device for every firmware updates. Anyway, I am really curious that am i the only one who feels that while “Haas”(differential) effect kicks off, the output balance is a bit to the left. it was since (ver. It has been better in the latest version but still i would like to set the settings in the app to 0.45 : 0.55 to be perfect but such option is not available as you know. I have tried to discuss this matter with the Korean users of Viper in ( only few had agreed but still not sure if its some particular devices or its my ears that is causing this problem. i just hope that it could be looked over. Thanks again.

  7. Awesome work on both platforms. Also i would like to request the users to purchase the IRS, they open a whole new world of audio listening experience…
    Thank you – Zhuhang

  8. Hello, I have installed viper4W. In windows 7 ultimate x64.
    I have sound blaster audigy live 24 Bit. card, but I. Don’t hear nothing effect. I check up SB audigy and Realtek speakers in viper4A configuration, but I don’t get nothing effect.

  9. Viper on Windows 8.1 problem founded (and resolved for hd audio)!

    Due the different Windows 8.1 audio stack(which have now hardware acceleration),users must install Realtek 2.71 hd audio driver(which doesnt support it).

    This is problem for viper and all new hd audio support drivers including microsoft,realtek,via…

    PKEY_SFX_ProcessingModes_Supported_For_Streaming = “{D3993A3F-99C2-4402-B5EC-A92A0367664B},5″
    PKEY_MFX_ProcessingModes_Supported_For_Streaming = “{D3993A3F-99C2-4402-B5EC-A92A0367664B},6″
    PKEY_EFX_ProcessingModes_Supported_For_Streaming = “{D3993A3F-99C2-4402-B5EC-A92A0367664B},7″

  10. Driver not install because busybox not work or i am not have fully rooted device!?
    I have Huawei Honor MediaPad T1 8.0 S8-701W and they are rooted and have busybox.Please make it work for my tablet.
    I love Viper4Android too much,because they are best audio mod in the world.Thank you.

  11. Just to be clear… When are you releasing V4A for lollipop? I have tried many ways but no result. I’m sick of listening to musics without V4A. They sound terrible :(

  12. I have a problem the it’s not working in phone speaker I feel no difference after enabling V4A in speaker,I have Samsung galaxy core duos running 4.1.2 Jelly Bean please make it work in speaker mode and with headset it’s working perfectly…

  13. I have a problem that it’s not working in phone speaker I feel no difference after enabling V4A in speaker,I have Samsung galaxy core duos running 4.1.2 Jelly Bean please make it work in speaker mode and with headset it’s working perfectly…

  14. viper4android not work with this version viperone 8.0 in the previous version viperone 7.2 works correctly and also ask them how to remove or reduce white background sound produced by amplifying the audio.
    Greetings and thanks

  15. Just a quick note, fx v2.3.4.0 which claims to support android 5.0 doesnt actually contain a version which supports android 5.0 in the .rar file. Could you fix this soon please

  16. Ehy Devs, great job! Just a tip: the link you’ve provided for the latest Android version ( in useless if posted like you did (you put in the also the .zip part of the link, but this way the download starts and fails instantly because Mediafire did not authorized them). To solve the problem, remove the last part of the link (just till tge slash) or use (it’s your link already trimmed). Keep going! :)

  17. Viper4Android FX works like charm! i’ve been searching for apps like this but not impressive enough. This is the best audio effect i ever found in this world… thx viper!!! viper audio on windows? wow!!! cant wait to try it….!

  18. Viper4Android is absolutely the BEST SOUND MOD AVAILABLE FOR ANDROID PERIOD. Anything you can get on the Play Store can’t even come close to this. The INREDIBLY CLEAN BASS W/OUT LOSING THE DEPTH. SAME FOR THE MIDS AND HI’s. I WILL NOT HAVE A PHONE WITHOUT THIS MOD. PERIOD.

  19. I am unable to install the drivers in ViPER4Android xperia zq android 5.1.1, the following message appears,
    install failed: The busybox installation found on your device does not work. This usually means you installed a wrong or broken busybox. V4A needs Stericson’s busybox to work. If you are sure you installed the proper busy box, then please confirm your device has been completely rooted. OK

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