Last Update Log (7Feb16)

v2.2.x to v2.3.x Special Update Instructions
Note: v2.3.x has different package name, follow the steps here: Instructions
Note: FX v2.3.2.5 onwards:
1. Fully support x86 platform, but not fully optimised yet.
(Using VHS+/Convolver may increase battery usage)
2. Fully support true octa-core devices.
3. Correctly-installed Busybox is required before installing V4A.

If you see V4A installation pop-up loop, its probably due to incomplete root.

FX version: v2.4.0.1
1.New audio effect ‘AnalogX’.
2.Fix bugs.
3.More optimization.

XHiFi version: Final v2.1.0.2-1
1.Support for Android 4.3 (v2102-1)
2.No changes for Android 2.3 (2102)

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