v2.2.x to v2.3.x Special Update Instructions
Important: New v2.3.x has new package name, follow these steps.
1. Open old v2.2.x, save the effect profile.
2. Uninstall old v2.2.x. Complete uninstall, including both driver and app. Reboot.
3. Install new v2.3.x, choose desired driver mode. (for NEON CPUs)
4. Reboot, open new v2.3.x and load effect profile saved in step 1.

Setup your Device
For Samsung devices,
1. Try install V4A as user app instead of system app if the latter failed doesn’t work.
2. Use Normal Mode and select V4A FX in Settings>Sound>Music Effects.
3. If don’t work, use another player rather than Samsung stock Music player.
1. ROOT your device.
2. Install busybox if doesn’t come with root.
3. Modify build.prop (Thanks Bradl79@xda)
  a. Open up /system/build.prop in text editor using any file explorer with root access.
  b. Change the line (If you can’t find these lines, skip this step.)
  – “Ipa.decode=true” to “lpa.decode=false”
  – “tunnel.decode=true” to “tunnel.decode=false”
  – “lpa.use-stagefright=true” to “lpa.use-stagefright=false”

1. Download, extract and copy ViPER4Android_FX/XHiFi_2.3/4.x.apk to your device. 2.3 for Gingerbread roms and 4.x for ICS, JellyBean and KitKat roms.
2. Install the apk as USER app or SYSTEM app is up to you. (v2.3.1.0 onwards)
3. Run FX/XHiFi app from app drawer, allow root access if asked.
4. When driver installation prompted, choose Yes.
5. V4A auto detects your CPU and show available driver modes below :

 No modes: For processors without or without VFP.
 Battery Saving: Available for all processors with NEON.
 High Quality Mode: Available for processors with NEON.
 Super Audio Quality: Available for processors with NEON.

6. Choose your desired selection.
7. After installation done, Reboot device.
8. If you want to use only V4A as audio effect, follow normal mode. If you want existing audio effects to work, follow compatible mode.
  Normal Mode:
         9. In Sound settings > Music effects, always choose V4A FX unless FX is not installed.
         10. Open up V4A FX (and xhifi), in menu, FX Compatible Mode set to Normal Mode.
         11. If not working, try Compatible mode before trying Force-Enable.
  Compatible Mode:
         9. Do not change anything under Sound settings/
         10. Open up V4A FX (and xhifi), in menu, FX Compatible Mode set to Compatible Mode.
         11. If not working, use Normal mode and disable other effects.
12. How to use IRS in Convolver? See IRS page: here.

Future Updates
Option 1: Use the “Check for update” function in V4A app itself.
1. In V4A app, go to menu and select Check Update. It will redirect you to a page.
2. Download latest apk from the page.
3. Install apk and overwrite. (Replace in system/app/ if its SYSTEM app)
4. Open up FX (and XHIFI), Choose “Yes”. Reboot, done.

Option 2: Download from Website/XDA
1. Download latest FX and XHIFI apks from Website’s Downloads section or XDA.
2. Install apk and overwrite. (Replace in system/app/ if its SYSTEM app)
3. Open up FX (and XHIFI), Choose “Yes”. Reboot, done.

1. Open up V4A FX (and xhifi), go to menu and choose “Uninstall driver”.
2. After that, uninstall V4A FX (and xhifi) app itself.
3. Reboot. Done. Bye-bye V4A.

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  1. What is the difference between super audio, high and power saving audio? do they differ significantly in terms of audio quality?? which gives the best audio experience??


  2. installed on JB in super audio quality mode but i don’t hear any difference comparing to fine no proplems on N7000.battery usage – normal.

  3. Asus Memo Pad FHD 10 (ME302C)
    Proccesor: Intel Atom Z2560 (x86)

    After the driver installation program does not work, compatibility is not helping. Installed version and, none worked

    P.S. Sorry for my bad English :)

  4. Oh this is just the most awesome addition to my musical world to date, a big Thank You to the developers. I tried this ap from a recommendation of ZedoMax who said it was awesome. He was right now I tell everyone about this jewel.

  5. I have galaxy note 3 (exynos).recently I have received android 5. There is no music effects option in settings. I have tried installing V4A in many different ways but when I want to play a music the player makes a beep sound and nothing more. Sometimes my phone automatically restarts in this stage and after that when I open V4A it asks me to reinstall the driver… I really need V4A. please help me

  6. It would not install , I have 100 root access and it says that I have installed the wrong version of superbox, which is the latest version from the playstore, it said it needs something about a steriscons superbox to work, and I can’t find what that means , please help me, I reinstalled superbox and the problem persists.

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