ViPER4Windows (V4W)
ViPER4Windows ViPER’s Audio audio driver for Windows PC OS.
It comes with many audio effects such as Gain Control, Equalizer, Convolver, Surround, Reverb, Compressor and Limiter.

Officially Released + Development On-Going

Codename: Ariel
Compiled date: October 3,2013  – Official Release
Operating environmentWindows Vista or higher (32/64bit)
CPU platformsIntel x86/x64, AMD x86/x64 (No support for Intel Itanium 64)
Language: English (US) / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese

98 thoughts on “ViPER4Windows

  1. I installed this V4W on my PC Windows 8 Pro 32-bit,
    I enabled V4W and adjusted adjusted settings of my desire.
    But I noticed no difference when enabling V4W or when disabling it, tried to hear difference when V4W is ON and OFF mode.
    No difference.
    Plz give solution

    1. Sadly ViPER4Windows only works with stereo channel setup, i really hope that they are going to fix this!! I had the same problem as you have right now,
      please admin add support for more channels! Maybe ask for some help, i can help you with programming some things if you want too.


    2. Try disabling UAC entirely if you haven’t already. Also make sure you’ve enabled the “run as administrator” option in the viper executable’s compatibility setting. Doing the right-click “run as administrator” option isn’t good enough, because if another process starts viper it will run without admin privileges. If you actually go to the compatibility tab of the executable’s properties and check the “run this program as administrator,” though, it will *always* run as administrator.

    3. Right click sound icon – > playback devices.
      Select ur speakers.
      Properties – > Advanced Tab.
      DISABLE hardware acceleration.
      ENABLE signal enhancements.
      Try v4win again. Gimme a cheers if this worked for you :)

  2. Congratulations!!!
    I installed on my samsung galaxy note 2 i317m and my laptop HP pavilion.
    This shit rock’s!!!!
    Greetings from Mexico and sorry for my bad english.

  3. I don’t know if this is the correct place to post bug,
    Everytime i reboot the pc I lose all the setting, the app revert back to default setting and when i minimize the app i got this: error Technical Info: Access to the path ‘C;\Program Files(x86)\VIPER4Windows\LocalPreset.bin’ is denied

    I tried:
    Installed as administrator
    Installed in paths: Program\VIPER4Windows Files and Program files (x86)\VIPER4Windows
    Change permission of the VIPER4Windows’s Folder

    My Pc: Windows 8 Pro x64

    Any Info that you need let me know

    1. For your error, when you want to run Viper, right click and click “Run as administrator”.

      When you run it as the Administrator, you will no longer get the error messages.

      1. The channel output is limited to stereo at my system. Using SPID/F or something else, except for the headphone output (the green ones) I don’t get ViPER Enhanced music :-(
        Even when I run it as admin

  4. Installed it on my Windows 8 32bit system (VIA sound card) with an Altec Lansing speakers. The verdict is ‘marvelous’… ‘Outstanding’. I used the HTC ver2 Veats IRS convolver. Nice job done….

  5. had it on my galaxy mini..
    pc version works perfectly..just 1 thing maib it shld run at start up,tried adding it myself to strt folder bt it still dint start.great work!!!

  6. how do i install viper4windows on windows 8.1….. before i had windows 7 has my operating system… on win 7 it used to work alright… but after i installed windows 8.1 viper4windows has no effect…. i have .net 2.0 installed also while installing i have run as administrator…. even while running the program i have run as administrator… still no effect… i have realtek audio drivers installed too… i have run the configurator and installed on all devices still there’s no effect…. how do i fix this??

      1. Of coz I did, if not I wont be able to hear sound from my speaker… Btw, my sound card have feature like ASIO. But Im running Foobar2000 for my music, I don’t think my player is running with it.

        Until now, still have no effect.

        1. Foobar2000 has it’s own set of DSPs, and was designed to directly access audio hardware without going through system processing. You might want to check its settings and try the different audio output device options.

    1. This is just copied from my reply to the same question from someone else.

      Try disabling UAC entirely if you haven’t already – it’s pretty much useless anyway, and can screw with all kinds of stuff, especially things like this that hook into the system at a really low level. Also make sure you’ve enabled the “run as administrator” option in the viper executable’s compatibility setting. Doing the right-click “run as administrator” option isn’t good enough, because if another process starts viper it will run without admin privileges. If you actually go to the compatibility tab of the executable’s properties and check the “run this program as administrator,” though, it will *always* run as administrator.

  7. I want to thank you. I want to deeply thank you for this marvelous piece of code!
    I’m audiophile and I love this. Forget SBX Pro Studio, THX Pro, Dolby Headphone and what not.
    Viper sounds better!

    And it even is for free AND for my android tablet as well. Hell, you are my heroes!

  8. For some reason Viper4Windows does not play well with Xbox Video. I cannot play a video with it installed. As soon as I uninstall it, it starts working again. I also get an error when minimizing Viper when it is installed.

  9. Just wanted to let you guys know I finally got to run it on Windows 8.1. Apparently it doesn’t work with the sound drivers coming with the OS, had to install Realtek drivers first and Viper afterwards. Works like there’s no tomorrow.

    Thanks for this wonderful piece of software!

  10. Hello Zhuhang can you tell me how to submit a bug report so that I’ll, because I feel that this doesn’t work on my Lenovo Z570 Win 7- 64-bit.

    ***Works great on Android device (Micromax A110) ***

      1. I am a real fan of your app for android , but I can make it work in win 8.1 (IDT – Beats audio) , the APO in viper’s audio registry is linked to SRS LABS (through configurator i believe ) but still no difference , it works fine in win 7 and realtek audio. Can you please do something about it.

  11. Thank you!! You made me like my XFI Xtreme Audio for the 1st time in 5 years!! :D
    That’s a hell of a accomplishment, belive me. xD

    BTW, working perfectly in Windows 8.1 64bit, but i needed to install the creative drivers, it doesn’t work with the windows default driver, this may be the problem of some people.

    Keep the good work

    best regards

  12. Guys, any chance you are working on a OSX version? Currently the only thing we have on Mac is this app called “Boom”. It’s just a simple EQ. Would be awesome to have the kind of flexibility offered by Viper :)

  13. Hi Viper4windows is not working for me anymore since i’ve updated to Windows 8.1. I even installed general drivers from Realtek’s web page. Now the only way to hear Z convolvers is on foobar2000. I’m a donor, my paypal mail is alejandra.poot@… Just saying. Anyway still enjoying your irs. Viper4Windows still working on Windows 7 though.

  14. This software is simply amazing. It is BETTER than MaxxAudio 3 and Dolby combined, and comes with a lot more options as well as being easy to install and use. My only gripe is that I cannot pair it with the MaxxAudio 3 (I can use the Dolby enhancer) so that I can get even heavier equalization. Honestly, Realtek should ignore the other companies and just pay the developer(s) to put this in their drivers…or just have these developers make drivers for them.

  15. I have viper4android and it’s awesome. But did not know that there was one for Windows till I happened to come across it. Downloaded it and installed it. It works perfect no problem what so ever. Works well with my 8″ Logitech sub and speakers

  16. Hi, i have problem with Viper4windows for windows 8.1. I have Realtek High Definition Audio. When I press the power button there is no difference. I run with Administration rules. I run it with administrator rights. Pls helllp, because is the best software.

  17. Not working for me on my HP desktop. I installed realtek drivers, disabled enhancements, and no option under viper ui changes any sound levels.

    When I uninstalled the realtek drivers and windows automatically put normal HD audio driver in that comes with the OS. Viper audio does take affect, but the x-bass option causes issues with the sound quality.

    OS: Windows 7 pro x64

    What is weird is that it works fine on my lenovo laptop that has Win7 Pro x64, then again it has a different driver for audio since it is a different brand than my desktop.

    Any suggestions?

  18. Hello, friends I have installed in windows 7 x64 ultimate edition with SP 1 . I have sound blaster live 24 bit, but I don’t get nothing effect.
    In viper4A configuration I check up SB audigy and realtek high definition speaker, but can’t. Get nothing effect

  19. Absolutely great piece of software. This is amazing. Far greater than Dolby Home Theater. But please add this to install instructions, because I had some issues at the beginning:

    YOU need to reinstall original drivers – so it wont be some universal Microsoft ones.
    After this you can enable/re-enable Viper.

    Thank you very much also for Viper4Android it’s the best.

  20. Viper4Windows worked perfectly when i has windows 7 64-bit in my laptop,but then when i upgraded my laptop to windows 8.1 there was no difference in sound.
    Please fix compatibility issues with Win 8.1 as soon as possible.We miss best Audio effect software!! ;(

  21. Having issues with trying to get viper4windows to run with my win 7 64 bit its not changing anything in the sound quality or anything i have conexant high definition smart audio 221 any help thanks!

  22. Hey guys,

    I’ve just installed Viper4Windows on my gaming pc because of it’s quite better than any other enhancer like DFX or anything else. It rocks. I’ve noticed that you can set it up in 3 different modes, in which it sounds different each other even if the settings are the same.

    In case of positional audio with stereo headphones, I’d like to ask you what the best settings are with normal stereo headphones.

    I mean, I tried Virtual Surround Sound with viper, but like Razer Surround Sound, I’ve got a delay which makes the game unplayable. But aside this, V4W is a great piece of software.

    My problem is, I can localize of enemies are on the left or on the right, but not that good how far they are away so it’s not that precisely. What would you recommend me to do to get a better positional sound, with stereo or virtual surround sound (but without any delay)?

    Btw: I use onboard sound and if I’m trying to set windows sound to 5.1, viper’s not going to show any effect, unlike razer surround sound because it simply needs 5.1/7.1 output.

    I hope you can help me because I love viper.

    Thanks in advance

  23. Finally found it a solution to make it work on windows 8.1

    Download SRS Sandbox Audio and install it
    Install viper and choose audio device
    Afters restart turn off SRS and turn on Viper and it works!

    1. Tried this and it doesn’t work, been trying everything to get this working on Windows 8.1 with my USB sound card. Running everything as administrator, says the driver APO is installed… idk

  24. I crai everytime i turn it on. :'( The sound, it’s so beautiful…. Viper4Windows is just as good as Viper4Andriod…. Viper4Windows + Turtle Beach Headset = Eargasim. :'( i cry from happiness. Thank you……. You will have a special place in my heart. :P.

    Also, for anyone having the problem for when u minimize Viper4Windows it comes up with and little box saying there a error, Don’t worry it doesn’t close it. it can be found on your taskbar in your little popup menu on the left hand side. For windows 8.1 the little menu is next to your battery level. Hope i helped!

  25. i installed on windows 8.1 32bit i install V4W_Setup_x86 and restart my laptop and opened as administrator i change switch on off but didn’t get any differances i used this version in my laptop in windows 7 32bit is that supports in windows 8.1 32 or 64 bits versions?? ???

  26. I was having trouble getting this to work on win 8.1 ( I have realtek drivers) but I found a neat workaround.
    I first downloaded and installed DFX audio enhancer. Next I installed the Viper audio software, running everything as admin.
    Make sure you install v4w for the DFX audio enhancer in the configurator.
    Restart and you should be all set. The DFX software always has to be running for the Vipers effects to be heard, it will not affect viper as long as you turn DFX off. (There’s a power button on the DFX UI)
    Final note* Using this method Viper4Windows will only work on Movie mode and Freestyle. Imo Freestyle is all you really need. Remember to always run Configurator and Viper4Windows as Admin! Cheers.

  27. Finally got V4W to work on my Windows HP Stream tablet! Since Zhuhang said Realtek causes issues with V4W all I had to do was disable Realtek from startup and that fixed the issue for me. Hopefully if anyone else is having issues with Realtek this should help them (hopefully)…

  28. Hello, I am having a problem with Viper4Windows. I’m am running windows 10 tech preview (I’m aware this is a new version and it may not be compatible) and i installed the viper audio thing on setup and re ran the config file in the install directory but it’s not working. Anyone know how to fix this? If not then please make it compatible with win10! Thanks!

  29. It’s a great program and I have it on my pc and my android but i noticed one thing. On android it works perfect but on pc it has a huge sound delay. I mean it isn’t that big of an issue but it kinda gets annoying if you are watching a video and you hear the sound few secounds later than it should be. You did a really good job with this app and i love it but please fix this. Thank you.

  30. ********* guarantee 100% working method for Windows 8.1 x64 RealtekHD Audio: *******

    1, Uninstall your current Realtek HD Audio driver, choose option restart later

    2, Do as exactly this guide to disable driver signature verification:
    (remember to press F7 to disable driver signiture verification)

    Download driver from the page above, install “Dolby PCEE Drivers” first, choose DAA release, then install “Dolby Home Theater v4″.
    Select “install this driver anyway” when asked

    4, Download Viper4Windows, right click on installer and choose to run as administrator, restart.

    5, Creat shortcut for Viper4Windows control panel on your desktop, right click on the icon -> properties -> advanced -> run as administrator -> OK

    6, Enjoy this f**king awesome V4W and say thanks to Zhuhang!

  31. Okay, thought this might be interesting. I commented already on the V4A, how awesome it is on my HTC One sv for BOOST Mobile. I have an HP media center laptop, 6230 or something like that, not going to flip this right now to get exact name, but it is using IDT sound for speakers and dual headphone properties. I installed the V4W right after my phone install, interface came up, very nice. During setup I did notice immediately the sound becoming patent Viper quality and the loudness increased. After it was setup, listening to RealPlayer and some Ozzy the interface blinked off and an error message came up that something could not be accessed and I closed that out. It would not let me access the interface again but the settings remained.
    Just turned on laptop and opened it again to finish up the editing of sound card according to your directions and no, the “disable all enhancements” was not checked but neither were the others in the list like Bass Boost, Virtual Surround, Room Correction or Loudness Equalization. Under the Advanced tab where it shows the sample rate (16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality) there are two more check boxes under the heading of “Exclusive Mode”. Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device and Give exclusive mode applications priority. The only enhancement it would not allow me to check was for Room Correction saying there was only this or V4W that could be used at one time so I left it to V4W’s and boom! There was another rise in volume level but still maintained the quality V4W had created, just more of it!!!

    Thought this would be a good post for others because if I had just taken that error message for “the end” earlier and started posting a problem asking for you to correct this (not saying you wouldn’t have known to tell me to do this) it would have never finished being installed correctly.

    This laptop, being a media center with the remote control supposedly I guess to replace having a windows box built to set by the flat screen for home theatre purposes has never had volume good enough for even watching a dvd on. Now it could be fed into a 5.1 surround sound system that would blow the socks off any audiophile!!!!!!!

    Thanks, this will definitely influence what kind of laptop & phone on the next purchases (time to trade up), seeing as now I don’t have to fork over Xtra $$ for a label that says the device has designer audio, its all just an install away!!!!!


  32. just wanted to post what helped me to get it working on windows 8.1 specifically a lenovo yoga 3 14 i5 intel graphics all updates installed Conexant SmartAudio HD with the SmartAudio app set to do separate outputs (list speakers and headphones separately). No functionality before doing this then after doing this tweak and rebooting it works.

    (I’m not responsible for anything that may/may not go wrong/right)

    open regedit.exe
    1. go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\audioengine\audioprocessingobjects
    2. MAKE A BACKUP OF THIS FOLDER! highlight the folder then go to File->Export, name it something and save it somewhere accessible
    3. look through all the sub-folders (ex. name for those folders is “{06587E71-F043-403A-BF49-CB591BA6E103}”)
    4. Delete all the folders that DON’T have “microsoft” in the copyright line (these are all the third party softwares likely installed by oem) EXCEPT for the one that says “Copyright (C) 2013,” (this is the v4w entry.)

    These steps will likely break any other sound effects softwares you have installed so if you want to maintain specific software’s functionality you’ll have to figure out which folders correspond to that specific software.

    If it doesn’t make viper work then sorry I’d recommend restoring the deleted files by going File->Import and importing that file you saved at step 2.

  33. Loved this on Windows 8.1, but even on a absolute clean and fresh Windows 10 Pro installation, even with a formatted SSD, this still wont work. Installed .NET 3.5 and Realtek HD Audio Manager and then Viper4Windows x64, enabled it as i did on Windows 8.1, restarted the PC but NO effect. Sad to see this die, last update was 2 years ago :(

  34. Please cud u make viper4windows as a VAT effect too.. …just exactly the way it looks in the normal windows app…. Please we don’t give a duck what any engineer thinks about the nomenclature and what it does… .
    Does Viper work?
    Bought…. It blows u away with its sound
    Viper is the best audio enhancer available on PC…. I have used 5 others and only one paid app even comes close….
    Iguana cud, please, maybe just as a pet project or an experiment, give us Viper as a VST PLUGIN, and let’s use it to bring limp audio files to life

  35. Please cud u make viper4windows as a VST effect too.. …just exactly the way it looks in the normal windows app…. Please we don’t give a duck what any engineer thinks about the nomenclature and what it does… .
    Does Viper work?
    Boy, it freaking does…. It blows u away with its sound
    Viper is the best audio enhancer available on PC…. I have used 5 others and only one paid app even comes close….
    If u cud, please, maybe just as a pet project or an experiment, give us Viper as a VST PLUGIN, and let’s use it to bring limp audio files to life!!!

  36. For people who has Realtek HD, Windows 8 x64 OS or newer if Viper4Windows doesin’t work.
    1. First make sure you have Realtek drivers installed.

    Then after finishing installing viper4windows:
    2. Go to Realtek audio manager (windows+s type “realtek” and open).
    3. Select -> Default format
    4.Then select format, which has less than 192k Hz
    as ezample: 24bits, 96000 Hz (Studio Quality)

    It helped for me, but sadly no 192k Hz support ;-;
    Audio quality isin’t that good as on Viper4Android, but it is still good.

  37. run perfecly in windows 10, first install driver of my pc, (realtek, and sound administrator for my board “Msi” or Asus). after install how administrator and make predeterminated how administrator, (click right options).

  38. run perfectly in windows 10, first install driver of my pc, (realtek, and sound administrator for my board “Msi” or Asus). after install how administrator and make predeterminated how administrator, (click right options).

  39. Driver not install because busybox not work or i am not have fully rooted device!?
    I have Samsung note 3 and it’s rooted and have busybox.
    Please make it work !!!.
    I love Viper4Android too much,because they are best audio mod in the world.Thank you.

  40. Hey! I’m too much curious about installing v4w on my Win10 system. But for just making sure only. If even after I have installed v4w successfully on my system, I wish to revert whole sound driver to stock version. I hope only installing v4w will help to do it?

    Sorry for bad typing. ;)

  41. Hello,

    I haved viper 4 windows on my windows 7 64 bits with realtek alc 892 inside my mother board and alls works perfectly! but now….. i have a new machine with realtek 1150 on my mother board and it not works!! :-(

    I have made installation correctly (as an admnistrator) and run it on administrator too, but when i open viper and use it no change cames…!

    I really want this again, i can pay if needed but who can help me please?

    Where can you find srs audio sandbox for win 10 64 bits? i want to try this trick, but impossible to find one!

    Help me please , really thanks in advance.

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