[ViPER4Windows] Simple manual
Note: If V4W doesn’t work, try change your output sampling rate in control panel.
1. The installation
First, make sure the operating system is Windows Vista or later. V4W supports both 32 and 64 bit.
Secondly, make sure you have installed .NET2.0 framework. Windows 7 system already contains .NET2.0 framework.
Double click V4W_Setup.exe to run installer. Note: Please run as administrator.
During the installation process, allow the security software to intercept or tips.

2. Driver configurations
When the installation program executed to the last step, it will automatically pop up V4W drive configuration program .
Procedures interface is shown below:V4W1

Check playback device (aka sound card) you are currently using (Simply tick all of them if you are confused). Then, click OK. V4W will be installed onto the sound cards selected.
If you wish to uninstall V4W on any sound card, run the configurator and simply uncheck and click OK.

Note: Shortcut to Configurator in “Start Menu/Programs/ViPER4Windows/Configurator”

Each time you make changes to the configurator, you need to reboot to take effect.
To uninstall V4W completely, you have to run Configurator an uncheck all devices to remove APO attaching to your sound card. After that, just uninstall V4W software from control panel.

3. Using ViPER4Windows
In Start menu or Quick launch toolbar (if selected during installation), double-click ViPER4Windows will open V4W application.

4. V4W no effect?
Firstly, run Configurator (refer step 2), check whether your current sound card is checked and whether the status is “V4W is already installed”.

Secondly, open Control Panel/Sound, in Playback tab, double-click the default playback device with a small green tick as shown below:


If still no effect, check whether the music player sound output is Kernel Streaming, WASAPI or ASIO. Thiis 3 output type do not allow addon audio effects.

5. ViPER4Windows Multi-lingual Support
The default language of V4W is English (US) . In V4W application, go to Language,  and select your desired language.
If you cannot find the language you want. Read “V4W Multi-Lingual Support” page under V4W. Some languages can be downloaded there. You can also make your own translation using the guide there.

Lastly, put the language file in ViPER4Windows/Language/ and restart V4W.

6. V4W Preset file (Default settings)
For now, V4W do not have default settings. If you do not know how to setpu the settings, you can get presets shared by other users.

7. Convolver
Due to some Windows user permission issues, ViPER4Windows can only read files in public folders. (Example, V4W cannot read files in c:\Users\Administrator\*)

Therefore, please put the IRS in Installation folder ViPER4Windows\ImpulseResponse\ *here* (Extensions supported: WAV and IRS)

8. V4W Effect Adjustment

9. Sampling rate
The best sampling rate for V4W is 44100 and 48000. Other rates may get poor effects.

Please do not use Resample to increase the sampling rate upto 88.2, 96 or 192. This will not improve sound quality but instead increase your CPU load.

10. Sound Delay
When using V4W, sound will get a little delay, specially when watching videos or movies. If your settings are good, V4W can have the least delay.

When you use equalizer, delay cannot be avoided. Is has a constant delay of 32 ms.
If possible, try to balance the AV (audio/video) by setting a delay on A/V in video player.

When watching  streaming content such as Youtube etc, it’s not recommended to use Equalizer. Because you are not able to balance the A/V.

31 thoughts on “Instructions

  1. Thanks again! It is so nice to be able to adjust my PC sound with something other than Creative Audio control panel, and to make use of the irs samples. Keep up the good work, it is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. V4W can be setuped, configured easily and works great. It can coexist with current sound card audio effects. But on some sound card I have to restart “Windows Audio Endpoint Builder” service to make sound to rework. V4W sometimes causes the audiodg.exe process to use alot of cpu power and its cpu usage did not drop after all.

  3. i ve just say “wow” after testing this app

    i tried dsp manager from cyanogenmod (not bad but don t work on any applies)

    and noozexoid (good but the sound banwitch of the equalizer is very limited and disapear on the latest update)

    your appli give an incredible sound without distortion and teh limiter don t give peak sound on the begin of play like dsp and nooz.

    definitively the best dsp at this time.

  4. Thank you for this app , i have been using it for quit a while but since i updated to windows 8.1 bit from windows 8 .. it doesn’t seem to work anymore. does anybody else have an issue with it on windows 8.1?

  5. not work on my pc …

    I have realtek audio card with their respective drivers and no more does not work

    and I have disabled the effects lower the default format to 16bit 44100 hz and nothing

    pc info:

    moderboart: msi ms-7267

    cpu: intel pentium dualcore e5200 3.1ghz OC

    gpu: intel gma 950

    Audio chipset: Realtek ALC888/S/T @ Intel 82801GB ICH7 – High Definition Audio Controller [A-1] PCI

    so if you help me

    ps: this sound card is integrated but comes with 6 audio outputs

  6. I have Installed V4W, It says its installed on my Audio Out but The audio does not get any effect. Tried many music players checked if they are kernel streaming. No effect.
    Device: Common Realtek Audio Card OS: Windows 8.1 64-Bit

  7. I’ve followed every step
    But still No effect after installation
    os: Windows 7- 32 bit
    Creative Sound Blaster card
    Checked on VLC media player & iTunes
    Can you help me?

  8. How can i make it work with a 5.1 system?
    Only when i choose stereo as speaker configuration do i get the effects, but only on the front L,R, no sub, no nothing….
    Any ideas?

  9. Hello,
    I installed this and could hear the sound difference. But, whenever I played YouTube no sound came. Anybody, else facing the same problem? Any solution?

  10. Works flawlessly on windows 8.1 pro x64 with latest Realtek ALC892 codec driver, but only on stereo speaker configuration . V4W effects are disabled if multichannel configuration (4.0/4.1/5.0/5.1/7.0/7.1) is used . Please update Viper4Windows to support multichannel output .

  11. First of all, Ive been using this app on my S3 and I LOVE it. I also wanted to try it on my laptop but since Im a noob about some of this stuff, I have a few questions. How do I find out what audio output my media player is using and which outputs allow sound effects, what media players allow for effects do I absolutely have to download a custom driver in order to get this program to work?

  12. I checked All the comments here and did everything but Finally its not worked :(

    Authority should update the software when windows gets updated

    My PC has a Creative Sound Core 3Di chip
    and the OS is Windows 8.1.1 (update 1)

    I uninstalled the software because the SBX ProStudio is a KickAss software, I may not need Viper :D

    But I am happy that Viper working fine on my Android phone (from Samsung)

    But after installation on the phone its not worked I had to edit the Build.prop manually then it worked
    To do that I followed this :

    I am sure that the software (both V4A & V4W) is great but developers should be build the software with care so that users of it can avoid additional issues.

  13. I followed the instruction but still don’t hear any effect on my WIN 10. run as admin installation, configuration is set to all device, run software as admin and no difference. Disable all enhancements, I don’t have “immediate mode” in my enhancement. I didn’t try on “stereo / speaker”, i only tried on my amd hdmi output. shouldn’t it work on all sound output if it’s installed on my sound card output?

  14. I tried to install this software but I keep getting the message:

    Error Technical info: Access to path ‘C:\Program Files\ViPER4Windows\LocalPreset.bin’
    is denied. Any ideas?

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