Impulse Response Sample

What is Impulse Response Sample (IRS)?
When an IRS is loaded, V4A will process the sound to show the same exact characteristics as the loaded sample. Through Convolution, samples with effects such as equalizer, surround, reverberation, tube etc can be simulated or in short, “copied”.

However, for simulated effects such as MP3 player effects, Dolby,  Beats Audio, Sony Ericsson Mega Bass etc, how close the IRS compare to real effects depends on the skills and techniques the individual IRS producer.

More info available here:

Supported Formats
– IRS extension (renamed from wav)
– WAV extension

Where to get IRS?
There is an IRS Starter Pack where we gather many normal IRS from Internet for you to start with. There are also IRS made by individuals from ViPER’s Audio like zhuhang and ViPER520. They are available in this website and not included in the IRS Starter Pack.

Many users also made IRS but they are not available here at the moment. In ViPER’s Audio Official Chinese forum, there are works by many members. Some XDA members also shared their IRS in XDA. You will have to search for them.

You can also search on the Internet. There are many IR out there. They are normally in WAV extension. Make sure their duration are not too long, preferably less than 1 second for V4A and less than 5 seconds for V4W.

How to use IRS (V4A and V4W)?
For ViPER4Android(V4A) FX -> Convolver Function
Note: Make sure IRS are not located inside any sub-folders under “Kernel”.
1. Download IRS files and put them in “<storage>/ViPER4Android/Kernel/”

Where <storage> normally is refers to “sdcard” but it depends on your device. Just look for the ViPER4Android folder created after you install V4A. That will be the right location for you.

If this is your first time using ViPER4Android FX, the folder “ViPER4Android” will automatically created by V4A, all you have to do is to create the “Kernel” folder and put the IRS files there.

2. Open V4A and enable Convolver. Select impulse and choose the IRS you put in above location.

For ViPER4Windows(V4W) -> Convolver function
1. Download IRS files and put them in “<path>/ViPER4Windows/ImpulseResponse/”
Where <path> refers to the installation folder of V4W you choosed during installation.

2. Open V4W and enable Convolver. Browse to the IRS you want to load.

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