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Old-gen IRS buyers of 2013(before Z-Edition), please read: IRS Announcement – 12 Nov

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Status: Resumed.

Releases & Updates:
– Released dolby atmos
– Released 3 paid IRS(Boomsound, DTS, SoundAlive)
– Released dts Mode (128K Free)
– Released Golden Ears Accudio IRS (Z-Edition Free) – limited headphones
– Updated Sanyo Bass Xpander to new version & added 48khz
– Added 48kHz for Razor Surround, SE Mega Bass

– Updated Portal,added Forex function,change to lifetime supply plan (8 Jan 2018)
– Updated Payment Portal (12 Jul 2014)
– Z-Edition updated to include H-Edition and support 48kHz sample rate. (19/8)
– Update: Sony Xperia S.Enhance added Z2 ClearAudio+ (30/6)

IRS Index
[Z.H-EDITION] Samsung SoundAlive (07/12/2014) NEW
[128K/Z.H.ZS.HS-EDITION] Huawei DTS Mode (07/12/2014) NEW
[128K/Z.H.ZS.HS-EDITION] HTC BoomSound + HK + JBL (07/03/2017)
[128K/Z.H-EDITION] HTC Beats Audio (19/8/2014)
[128K/Z.H-EDITION] Waves MaxxAudio AudioWizard Pro + Lite (19/04/2015)
[128K/Z.H-EDITION] Apple iPod Equalizer (23/8/2014)
[128K/Z.H-EDITION] Sony Xperia Sound Enhancement (23/8/2014)
[128K/Z.H-EDITION] Creative X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity (20/9/2014)
[Z-EDITION] Golden Ears Accudio (24/11)
[Z-EDITION] Razor Surround (24/11) ADDED 48K
[H-EDITION] EAX Advanced HD 5.0 (24/11) ADDED 48K
[128K/Z-EDITION*] Sony Ericsson Equalizer (24/11) ADDED 48K
[128K/Z-EDITION] Sanyo Bass Xpander (24/11) UPDATED & ADDED 48K

*Only specific files are involved.

128K IRS
This is the free version. They are encoded in 128kbps MP3s.

Z-Edition IRS
Z-Edition is a quality prioritised version of IRS. You can call it the premium version or the paid version.
H-Edition is included with all Z-Edition IRS and not a separate package.

H-Edition IRS
H-Edition is a “zero-delay” version of the Z-Edition IRS. It is suitable for all occasions including music, video and gaming when delay is annoying. H-Edition is included with all Z-Edition IRS and not a separate package.

Z or H?
For perfect music experience, Z-Edition is highly recommended.
For movie or gaming, use H-Edition.

ZS/HS Variants
This is the SECONDARY version of Z/H-Edition IRS that uses a different recording method usually to achieve a more accurate frequency response. In the case where Z/H-Editions could’t be made, ZS/HS will replace and be the PRIMARY IRS.

Z/H-Editions support both 44.1kHz and 48kHz. But 128K IRS only intended for 44100Hz output. They will not sound as intended on 48kHz output devices.

To check your sampling rate, open ViPER4Android FX and go to Driver Status.

Z/H-Edition (Selected only)
1. NEW VER & ADDED 48K New Sanyo Bass Xpander (44/48 Z.E.) – Box
2. ADDED 48K Sony Ericsson Mega Bass (44/48 Z.E.) – Box
3. ADDED 48K Razor Surround (44/48 Z.E.) – Box
4. ADDED 48K EAX Advanced HD 5.0 (44/48 H.E.) (Minimum Dual-core required) – Box

Golden Ears Accudio (Z-Edition) – Headphone Correction & Simulations
More headphone models will be added to the folder: Box

128K MP3 quality (Free version)
1. NEW Huawei DTS Mode – (128K) – Box
1. HTC BoomSound + HK – (128K) – Box
2. HTC Beats Audio – (128K) – Box
3. Waves MaxxAudio A.W. – (128K) – Box
4. Sony Ericsson EQ – (128K) – Box
5. Apple iPod EQ – (128K) – Box
6. Sony Xperia S.Enhance – (128K) – Box
7. Sanyo Bass Xpander – (128K) – Box
8. Creative X-Fi – (128K) – Box

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Comparison: 128K vs Z-Edition
Revised Jan 12,2014
newgen vs oldgen2

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  1. First of ol Hats of to u for such a awesome software…….nd can u plz tell where can i download these IRS files……especially HTC BEATS AUDIO……plz reply as soon as possible…..m dyng to use it.

  2. Soo… to get the Z Versions we have to donate right?
    Also Ill be forever thankful to you for make this app for android,
    i cant live anymore without V4A xD and im still waiting for the Sony Crystalizer , its my favorite Irs

  3. Thanks so much Zhu for the Features Comparison chart, and I am loving the ((128K MP3)) ClearAudio +.irs! Keep up the great work and best wishes to you and the ViPER team.

  4. I was wondering if there were any suggestions for a starting point as far as profile settings and which irs.

    I’m on an Nvidia Shield Tablet using Razor Hammerhead Pro in-ear phones. I’m just not able to find a DDC for this headset. I generally just game and listen to music.

    Would I use the Razor irs file because these are Razor in-ear phones?

    Thanks you.

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